In the last decade, I have seen a rising interest of the general public in the spiritual realm. You may not realize this, but shamanic ceremonies, Ayahuasca retreats, tarot readings, sound baths, reiki healing, meditation and yoga all have been inviting you to open yourself more to the spiritual realm.

In this article, I will outline the basics of the spiritual realm and explain how the world we live in truly operates.

There is an invisible world. It’s hard for many of us to believe that, because we live in the natural world. However, just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Now whether you realize this or not, you are more than just your body. The natural human is made of body, soul & spirit.

While your physical body will perish after natural death occurs, your soul & spirit will live on forever. In other words, there will be no end to your life after death.

When we go about our day to day activities, most of us think that we are simply involving our bodies and minds. However, that is only half of the truth. In fact, every single activity that involves our body also involves our two other parts: soul & spirit.

Let’s take the basic example of participating in a yoga class. You may think that you are simply doing exercise and stretching your body. However, yoga is actually a spiritual discipline. The purpose of yoga has always been to reach the state of brahman or the realization of the sameness with all beings as taught in The Bhagavadgita. It is more than just a form of exercise. Unliked the western world has advertised it, it is a training designed to open your spirit to the spirit of kundalini.

Another example is the spiritual exchange that happens between a man and a woman when they involve themselves in intercourse. In our modern world, sexual relationships have been downplayed to the physical act, but there is a very real spiritual exchange that happens when a man and a woman come together to have a sexual exchange. Their souls mesh together and truly become one. Moreover, sexual partners can inherit the spiritual ties that are attached to the soul of the other. For instance, if one partner struggles with the spirit of anxiety, after intercourse, both partners can be affected by the same spirit. It’s important to note that when we share our bodies, we also share our souls. The bible teaches against promiscuity, because as you can imagine, having intercourse with multiple partners throughout your life can lead to a pretty heavy spiritual baggage.


The spiritual realm is invisible to most people, but some are more sensitive to it and get a glimpse of energy, angels, demons, saints, Jesus, mother Mary and so on.

Growing up, most of us are used to the limits of the physical realm. Most people simply believe in what they see and thus are led to believe that all there can be is the physical realm.

It’s important to note that the spiritual realm is not far away from the physical realm as one could imagine. The spiritual realm is actually intertwined with the physical realm, that is why participating in activities of the physical realm has consequences and ties to the spiritual realm.

As you can see, the spiritual realm and the physical realm do not exist in parallel to each other, instead they are overlapping. This isn’t something that we tend to pay attention to when we live our day to day lives, but once understood it can change the way you think forever.

However, once you realize that the spiritual realm is real it’s important to know that the spiritual realm has two sides: a good spiritual realm and a dangerous spiritual realm. In other words, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan.

Now if you are still reading, you may think that all we have to do is to avoid the dangerous spiritual realm. If only it were that easy.

Currently, we live in a word where good is called evil, and evil is called good. So how will you differentiate what realm you are participating in?

That is why I have created a list to help you discern if you are involving yourself in the dark side of the spiritual realm.

One of the problems that we face today is that we have been desensitized to the dangers of the spiritual realm. For instance, yoga has become “just a form of exercise” in the western world while maintaining its spiritual consequences in the spirit realm. In other words, you will not see demons attach to you with your physical eye when you start to go to yoga class, but with time they will become more and more attached to your soul.

There are countless stories all over the world where people have been affected by yoga and other activities from the occult. The only way to get rid of those demons is to have a deliverance or an exorcism done in more severe cases.

Another common problem is that the dark spiritual realm has been advertised over and over as the “light spiritual realm”. For instance, you may have been invited to meditate with angels or led to believe that by opening your third eye you will be on your path to “love & light”. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The dark side of the spiritual realm has been advertised since the 1970’s New Age wave as the “love & light” movement. I too was misled for many years, thinking that by participating in the activities of the new age I was getting spiritually enlightened and closer to my understanding of God. I was certain that I was raising my vibration and attracting great things into my life using the law of attraction. In fact, I was moving further and further away from God and closer to the ruler of darkness that portrayed himself to me as the universe.

The physical realm is intertwined with the spiritual realm. This explains how a physical activity such as yoga can lead to a spiritual consequence such as demonic oppression. Moreover, demonic oppression can in turn lead to a physical consequence such as anxiety or a long-term illness such as cancer. The physical has an effect on the spiritual, and the spiritual has in turn an effect on the physical again. This dance between the two realms never stops.

Another common mistake is to think that it doesn’t affect you, simply because nothing “bad” has happened to you when involving yourself in an occult activity that belongs to the dark spiritual realm. Sometimes, demons will hide and only come out once you have decided to stop the activity.

I remember that once I stopped yoga and all of the other occult activities I had involved myself in, I experienced a few attacks from the dark side of the spiritual realm, but only after I had decided to never go back to them.

Once it was clear that I was not going back to that side of the realm, I experienced demonic nightmares and sleep paralysis. But it didn’t last long, because I already knew what to do in those situations. Everything I experienced was mild and not nearly as scary as some of the accounts I read about on the internet.

It’s important to note that some involvement in the occult can even lead to generational curses. They can be lifted once confessed, cut ties with and delivered from. For instance, the sins of your relatives could explain your infertility problems and are not that uncommon in families. Once confessed, and asked God for forgiveness, the spiritual tie with the sin and its demon is cut. It should have no more effect on your life afterwards, but repeated deliverance can be done. For Catholics, mass can also be offered in that intention.

Is a simple visit at a psychic or playing with the ouija board worth the consequences not only for your soul, but the life of your future children and grand-children? The fact is that the ties of the occult stay with us long after we forgot about them.

As strange as that sounds there is a battle that has been going on for your soul since the moment you arrived on earth. You were given free will to make choices about whether you would love God willingly or be deceived by all of the other options that satan could send your way, including today’s new age movement.

The only spiritual realm that is worth your time is found on the side of the kingdom of God. Healing and miracles occur there just as much, if not more than in the kingdom of satan. A reiki session can only heal you temporarily while God’s healing will never be taken away from you.

Finally, the spiritual realm is real whether you believe it or not. It will not cease to exist simply because you refute it. It may take some time to accept it, but if you open your heart to Jesus he will show you the way.

I hope that this article served you well.

God bless,

Meet the author

Johanna – Hebrew for “God is Gracious”

I’m a former New Ager, Yogi & spiritual nomad turned Christian after a moment of illumination in 2017. I created this website to help you differentiate between light & darkness and to answer questions about spiritual topics from a Catholic Christian worldview. ->Find me on IG @myjourneytojesus

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  1. Please I really need help. I was so deceived. God was healing me and then I disobeyed and slowly fell away. Before I knew it, I fell in occult stuff, frequency meditations, third eye stuff, and other religions. Some how I ended up doing everything not of God and a lot of scary stuff has happened. It’s like My soul was stolen. I went under hypnosis at my dr office and ever since then I haven’t been the same. Then I felt like a magnetic connection fall off of me. Im so afraid. There has to be something we can do right?

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