Sleep paralysis has become a topic that is increasingly more popular on the web. I see various influencers casually mention their sleep paralysis without completely grasping how dangerous it is and where it comes from. This article is meant to give you complete understanding of what it is and what to do about it to get rid of it (and it’s not by smudging that you will accomplish this).

Every account of sleep paralysis I have heard of (besides my own case) mentioned the following symptoms:

  • Being mentally awake while being unable to move the body
  • Wanting to scream, but being unable to use the vocal cords/mouth
  • Knowing what is happening, but having no power to change it
  • Seeing a dark figure in the room, above the bed, above the body, etc.

Sleep paralysis is not just a condition of the mind, it truly is an oppression of the evil one on the paranormal side of life. Most sleep paralysis occurs through an opening of an occult portal in your life, such as participating in drugs or other occult activities. It could be yoga, it could be watching horror movies, it could be participating in new-age rituals, going to a reiki healer, participating in full moon ceremonies, using the sage and so on.

Whether you are Christian or not, you have to understand that sleep paralysis is a paranormal activity in your life. Accept that idea. It is not simply a condition of your mind. And on the paranormal side of life, there are only two realms that exist : the dark & the light. Sleep paralysis comes from the dark realm and so you must fight it with light, Jesus Christ’s light to be more specific.

If you are a New-Ager that believes in Love & Light, saging and meditation, I am sorry to announce to you, but the tools you have will do nothing for your sleep paralysis, but only progressively make it worse.

Sleep paralysis can only be fought through the power of Jesus Christ’s light.

How can you be sure of that?

All it takes is for you to get blessed oil or holy water from a priest/church and spray it in your room if you are not yet a believing Christian. Sprinkle the water and make a cross with the oil over the area where the sleep paralysis occurs most often. Watch the sleep paralysis flee from your life.

If you are a Christian, I advise you praying over your walls, bed and bedroom by announcing that you are pleading the blood of Christ over them.

Sprinkle Holy water everywhere and anoint your walls, windows and doors with a crucifix.

Here is what occurred during my sleep paralysis:

I remember being awake, but not being able to move.

I remember being physically moved from one pillow to the next pillow, from the left side of my bed to the right side of my bed, while being unable to move.

I remember trying to want to wake up, because I was afraid that something had the power to move the weight of my entire body from one side of the bed to the other, yet I could not wake up. As a Christian, all I could do is mentally think of the words Jesus, or Jesus help me, yet not being able to fully pronounce them.

A few moments later, I woke up, gasped for air and was shocked at what had occurred.

I thought to myself that I was dreaming, a really bad scary dream.

Soon after, I also remember my cellphone flying from my bedside table.

Too many strange things were happening in my bedroom.

So with a little bit of research, and prior knowledge in paranormal activity I knew it was something of the dark spirit realm. I found out soon enough that I had experienced sleep paralysis.

I was not participating in any occult activity at that point in my life, I was a born again Christian, but I was attacked, because of past portals that I had not renounced completely.

So I went to a Protestant church for a deliverance.

A week later, I went to a Catholic church for a deliverance.

I got Holy water, blessed oil and I put my hands on the walls of my bedroom to begin to pray out loud and said “I plead the blood of Jesus over these bedroom walls…” “The only spirit that is welcome here is the Holy Spirit”…”No other spirit is welcome here and must flee in Jesus’ name”….something like that.

I never had sleep paralysis again.

My faith in Jesus has grew drastically since then.

Victims of sleep paralysis can be affected as much as having bruises or scratches on their bodies and being sexually violated in their sleep. Yes the spiritual can transfer into the physical. These accounts of sleep paralysis sound very much out of the ordinary, but unfortunately are very real and sad cases of how opening occult portals in our lives can lead to dangers within the demonic realm.

It’s important to mention that the dark figures that show up during sleep paralysis are demons.

It’s also important to remember that demons are only welcome in your surroundings if you grant them the permission to be there. How did they obtain your permission to haunt you? They obtain our permission when we give them a legal right. A legal right is given by a human when we knowingly OR unknowingly participate in occult activities. Humans are sometimes naive and think that watching a horror movie or going to a yoga class does not give spirits a legal right to haunt them at night, but it actually does. Surprise, surprise.

Legal rights can be taken back when you declare to the demons that they are no longer welcome there in Jesus’ name.

I also recommend a drastic change in lifestyle that does not include any of the following occult activities:

  • yoga
  • crystal healing
  • reiki healing
  • guided meditations
  • group meditations
  • astrology
  • numerology
  • birth-chart reading
  • fortune telling
  • practicing the law of attraction packaged into the famous book “The Secret” presented by teachers such as Oprah or Abraham Hicks
  • tuning into the power of the goddess or the divine feminine
  • participating in cacao ceremonies
  • communicating with spirit guides
  • hanging dream catchers & using them for rituals
  • observing moon rituals
  • trying out the Hawaiian ritual ho’oponopono
  • participating in Halloween
  • playing with the Ouija board
  • watching horror movies

This list can probably go on, but those are all the occult activities that come to my mind now, that I would lovingly advise you to stay away from, for your own safety. If you don’t want sleep paralysis to be part of your life, I suggest avoiding these activities.

God bless,

Meet the author

Johanna – Hebrew for “God is Gracious”

I’m a former New Ager, Yogi & spiritual nomad turned Christian after a moment of illumination in 2017. I created this website to help you differentiate between light & darkness and to answer questions about spiritual topics from a Catholic Christian worldview. ->Find me on IG @myjourneytojesus

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