Greogorian chants always moved the Holy Spirit in me which I am very sensitive to. I can walk into a church, be near a priest and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit strongly.

I also feel a difference when I pray the rosary in Latin as opposed to English which intrigued me to study the question of the Latin Language. Why is Latin so powerful? Why can I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit more strongly when I pray in Latin?

All these questions have led me to discover the sacredness of the Latin language. A truly Mystical Language that creates a unique ability to focus in meditation and a deep level of mystical prayer.

The use this distinguished language for prayer and worship instills a sense of awe and reverence that reminds us that we are worshiping and imploring the help of the Almighty transcendent God in a way entirely distinct from ordinary talk with friends.

For those interested in spiritual warfare, you will be happy to find out that Latin is the language that is most efficacious to put the enemy in its place. The following video by Dr.Taylor Marshall and Jesse Romero is a great witness to how powerful Latin prayers are during exorcisms.

I encourage you to read more about why should you start praying in Latin at www.prayinglatin.com/why-pray-in-Latin 

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Johanna – Hebrew for “God is Gracious”

I’m a former New Ager, Yogi & spiritual nomad turned Christian after a moment of illumination in 2017. I created this website to help you differentiate between light & darkness and to answer questions about spiritual topics from a Catholic Christian worldview. ->Find me on IG @myjourneytojesus

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  1. I feel the same way about Latin and praying in Latin. I was moved to learn the mystical language and I pray my Rosary in Latin and I feel the biggest difference, I also feel physically stronger, and I feel emboldened. I’ll never be the same again.

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