One of the shifts that needed to happen in my life as I began to understand my new identity as a Christian was that I would no longer refer to myself as my zodiac sign.

Such a silly thing, you know.
My zodiac sign.
Who cares?

Well, in my case it was a pretty big shift. I paid attention to my zodiac sign for as long as I can remember. I had books for yearly horoscopes. When I was a teenager I read my horoscopes religiously in teen’s magazines. When I grew slightly older & realized that one cannot possibly predict my week or month in a women’s magazine…I began to look into the personalities & characteristics of each sign. As if that were going to give me the answers I was seeking. I had a binder for all the boys I had a crush on and their zodiac signs. When I was an adult, I took it a step further by paying attention to numerology & birth charts. I wanted to know my destiny, my purpose & my identity. I even went to see a numerologist. As for relationships I wanted to know if my crush and I were compatible.

I also watched Doreen Virtue’s predictions for each month and each year when they came out on Youtube. Happy to remind you that Doreen Virtue is now a Christian too & she no longer makes these videos or practices anything that has to do with the occult. 

Anyway, in this post I just wanted to reveal to you that as Christian women our only identity is supposed to be found in Christ. Not in the worldly things of this world and especially not in the occult practices — that even horoscopes belong to. I know horoscopes are such a popular thing that one forgets that they belong to the occult, but they do.

They are NOT written by people who believe in the bible. They are written by people who study the constellations & believe our destiny is dependent upon them & their arrangement. More often than not, they are written by occultists who observe magical moon rituals.

Let’s not mix Christianity with this world’s popular New-Age spirituality. Christians should definitely not pay attention to horoscopes if they want to live a Christian life.

Meet the author

Johanna – Hebrew for “God is Gracious”

I’m a former New Ager, Yogi & spiritual nomad turned Christian after a moment of illumination in 2017. I created this website to help you differentiate between light & darkness and to answer questions about spiritual topics from a Catholic Christian worldview. ->Find me on IG @myjourneytojesus

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