Another occult item that has been marketed as harmless and sold as a “relaxation” tool is the mandala colouring book. This colour therapy has been increasingly popular with both adults and kids. Who would dare to think that there could be something wrong with colouring in your free time?

Unfortunately, even colouring can lead to the occult nowadays. It’s absolutely crazy how the occult and the new-age is being pushed everywhere.

Mandalas may seem as pretty flowers, but they are actually spiritual guidance tools. They establish a sacred space and aid for meditation and trance induction.  

In the New Age specifically, the mandala is a diagram, or a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos.

In other religions like Hinduism or Buddhism it is used as a map representing deities.

As someone who has spent over 10 years in it, you can say that the Lord made somewhat of an “occult connaisseur” and then redeemed me so that I could warn others…

Am I excited about that?

I am learning to accept it as it’s not an easy job.

The good news for you is that there are colouring books out there that are not occult in nature, but you really have to discern it. I would also stay away from colouring books that promote Harry Potter, “mindfulness”, Owls, Skulls, Chakras, Unicorns, Shadows, and other New Age themes…

I know it may seem impossible, but you can find regular colouring books if you look for them. It just takes the extra effort. Protect your eyes and your homes from unnecessary occult items that would later open unnecessary portals for oppression in your life. Oppression is often experience as anxiety, depression, nightmares and headaches.

For further understanding of why owning occult objects in your home can be dangerous please read this article about demons & legals rights.

I pray this article serves you well.

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Johanna – Hebrew for “God is Gracious”

I’m a former New Ager, Yogi & spiritual nomad turned Christian after a moment of illumination in 2017. I created this website to help you differentiate between light & darkness and to answer questions about spiritual topics from a Catholic Christian worldview. ->Find me on IG @myjourneytojesus

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