I just finished watching a documentary of a polish Catholic priest who prior to being saved by Jesus was a Yogi for years.

His name is Sergiusz Orzeszko. You can type his name into youtube and see for yourself, but it’s in polish. The name of this sermon translates from Polish to English “The darkness that we cannot see”, as that is what he explains Yoga is.

This only confirms my journey and encourages me to keep sharing upon the subject despite slowly becoming an enemy of the secular world.

Sergio explains how the Devil was able to communicate with him audibly, because he opened himself up to Satan unconsciously through the portal of Yoga. He practiced the famous sentence “Om” and clearing his mind and he practiced the yoga postures for hours. This is some pretty “crazy” stuff, I know, I didn’t even believe in the devil that much before being a Christian, but it’s the truth.

You see, Yoga is marketed today as this easy, breezy, harmless solution to your stressful week. But that is where the entire deception is. It’s dangerous. It’s not just a form of exercise, it is filled with yokes to the spiritual realm. This yoke has 100% an effect on you and although it can appear to make you feel good for a moment, long-term it will harm you and can even make you more sick. It also comes with spiritual consequences that with time will begin to manifest into this physical reality we live in. Shortly, it opens your spirit to the spirit of Kundalini, which is the serpent spirit.

As a Christian, I recommend staying away from anything that is from the occult- that is my recommendation, however I cannot impose anything. You are a soul put inside a body. You should protect your body as much as your soul! We forget that too often and only think of ourselves as body.

I didn’t just quit one form of lifestyle (yoga) and exchange it for Christianity, for no reason. When Jesus came to me, he also showed me the TRUTH about YOGA and that is what I am sharing.

I care for my friends and my heart breaks at how deceived we have been by mass marketing. My job is to continue to share what has been revealed to me and bravely stand firm against the wickedness of this world that comes in the form of Yoga. Please research if Christians should participate in Yoga and continue to pray about this.

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Johanna – Hebrew for “God is Gracious”

I’m a former New Ager, Yogi & spiritual nomad turned Christian after a moment of illumination in 2017. I created this website to help you differentiate between light & darkness and to answer questions about spiritual topics from a Catholic Christian worldview. ->Find me on IG @myjourneytojesus

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