As the tendency for holistic health becomes the new norm, Himalayan salt lamps make their way into the homes of Christians all over the world.

These salt lamps are advertised to help with radiation that come from electronics and microwaves that can be harmful to you, as well as with your everyday health.

Although some may think that these lamps are not affiliated with the occult or the New Age, they are commonly used by New Age enthusiasts who believe heated salt crystals emit negative ions into the air that do all kinds of miraculous things for our health.

Is this even true?

According to serious science “It’s commercial hype,” says Dr. Michael Termin, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University.

“The ions emitted by activated salt are completely different from the negative air ions from clinically tested apparatus that produces superoxide, and which may act via enhanced blood oxygenation.” 

In simpler words, even though salt lamps do emit some negative ions, it is not nearly enough to effect any change in the atmosphere – or your health.

So if from a scientific point of view, there is no proof to use these salt lamps, why are New-Age practitioners so fond of them? Moreover, why should Christians avoid them?

The New-Age is a system of beliefs that is largely based on superstition and the use of crystals or rocks as healing tools. The Himalayan salt lamps are approached in the same way. They are said to generate positive energy, make you feel more relaxed, happy, as well as raise your “energetic vibration”.

From a Christian perspective, any form of healing other than Jesus and what God provides in his natural creation is an occult practice. Moreover, the use of such an object can become a portal for demonic activity in your homes. Although the same salt lamps have been promoted as warding off “evil” spirits, they have been doing just the opposite.

One could argue that these lamps were made by God as they are made from natural Himalayan salt. The salt is indeed made by God, but turning it into an object that could potentially heal us from our “negative” vibrations leads us in a slippery slope, straight to the gates of the occult and dare I say hell.

Himalayan salt lamps are also commonly used by Feng Shui practitioners. They claim that salt lamps soak up positive energy, which explains why people feel “tired” after staying in a room with a salt lamp turned on.

There are countless stories on the internet about Christians whom have received these kinds of lamps as a gift and began to experience spiritual battles in their home shortly after. These salt lamps truly come with a spirit attached to them which should never be welcome into the home of Christians.

Himalayan salt lamps are part of occult objects that should have no place in the home of Christians.

If you own one, please get rid of it as soon as possible and sprinkle Holy water where it was placed. If you don’t want others to use this occult object, should they find it in the garbage, break it in two. Rebuke the spirit associated to it that may have entered your home with the lamp. If further issues persist, call a priest for assistance to cleanse your environment of the spirit.

I pray this article served you well.

Meet the author

Johanna – Hebrew for “God is Gracious”

I’m a former experienced New Ager, Yogi & spiritual nomad turned Christian after a moment of illumination in 2017. I created this website to help you differentiate between light & darkness and to answer questions about spiritual topics from a Catholic Christian worldview.

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      1. Thank you for this information. I was told of this lamp by my esthetician of its properties in clearing sinuses & purify the air. Thank God I found this article before this impulse buy.

  1. Thank you so much for writing this, I had no idea. I used to practice yoga until I learned it is wrong to do as a Christian.
    Now, I am In the process of moving and while packing I started wondering if I should not have Himalayan lights, which led me to your article. I had 3, including in the master bedroom, and a big one which I just sold at a garage sale(I didn’t know). Can you please clarify how to “Rebuke the spirit associated to it that may have entered your home with the lamp”. I very much appreciate it, as I’m anxious to get them out of my home asap.

    1. Hi Stephanie! If you are Christian, rebuking the spirits would mean declaring in the name of Jesus that his blood covers your entire home and cleanses it from all past evil spirits that may come in. I remember praying over my walls where paranormal activity occurred using the blood of Jesus as a covering. If you are Catholic, you can take Holy water, sprinkle it on the areas where the lamps were and the rooms. You can also use blessed oil and make a cross where the lamps were. Finally, you can ask a priest to come and bless your home. Hope that helps!

    2. Just say it. I rebuke any evil thing that might have entered my home and any harm it may have caused (and always say) in the name of Jesus!!

  2. WOW!!! I did not know. I’m a Born Again Christian. I bought these lamps ONLY with knowledge of it being soothing bc of the pretty lighting therefore being therapeutic. I will rid of them in a way no one will take from the garbage bc I’ll smash them. Then I will pray n rebuke all n any negative spirits to be gone.
    I’m so grateful I came across this article.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi. I am a 15 year old girl and I have a salt lamp in my kitchen. No one in our family uses it for anything except decoration. It was really expensive and would be a terrible waste to through away. If I bless it with Holy water will that be ok. I recently learned about crystals and how they are bad so I did some research and found out this salt lamp was a crystal. I am a very religious teen and try to do the best I can. What can I do to be better and what will I do about the lamp? Thank youu

    1. Hi Rose, many do, but it is up to you and your discernment. Now that you know a little bit more about these lamps pray in this intention and ask the Lord if he is leading you to get rid of such items. I know that for the end times, God wants our houses to be as clean as possible from items that could be portals for the enemy. Hope that helps in your discernment.

  4. Thanks for your article I had so much spiritual warfare I had lamps I was studying Acupunture and I am a massage therapist so I was exposed to yoga taichi and all kinds of practices
    Can you share information
    Thanks sister in Christ

  5. “There are countless stories on the internet about Christians whom have received these kinds of lamps as a gift and began to experience spiritual battles in their home shortly after. ”

    I would like to read these countless stories that you mention, because apart from this article, I just found one story in google that talks about this and that’s all, and honestly, I find it an over-exaggeration. Also as a former new ager, I think that it’s what you put into it and how you use it what makes it a demonic portal, and also where you bought your lamp. I bought mine on Amazon from a seller that didn’t mention any kind of metaphysical aspect in the description (after all, it’s just a light bulb with himalayan salt). I think it is the same with crystals, as long as you don’t buy them in a esoteric store and don’t use them for esoteric purposes, that’s fine. They are beautiful as decorative items and they have been around us in nature for thousands of years, so I don’t believe that something made of quartz, for example, has intrinsically a demon attached to it.
    These are my 2 cents.

    1. Hi Dante, thank you for sharing your 2 cents! Well for starters, you could check the comment section for stories, or you could check youtube which is where I found a lot of information coming from prior new-agers who turned now Christian such as Steven Bencarz. And yeah sure those lamps are also sold at Walmart and Amazon, and so are dream catchers and other new age items. I am not here to tell you what to do, I am here to share what I stand for and what has been revealed to me. But God made us free. So you are free to do what you will with this information. Different people will live their faith differently, and I am a bit radical while you may be more “balanced”- but my goal is to become a saint and strive for perfection in faith. To each their own brother! God Bless.

  6. Well what if you own one and don’t use it for new age or occult purposes? I own at least two and I blessed mine in Jesus name and use them only to serve as reminders of what Jesus said which is to be salt and light.

    1. Hi Brett! That is up to your discretion and discernment at the end of the day. I personally did not feel comfortable with these objects at my home anymore, because I have a background in New-Age and they reminded me of the crystals I used to use for witchcraft. Pray in this matter and see where the Lord leads you. As mentioned in the comments above, some of these lamps are sold at witchcraft stores and for “spiritual healing” purposes, which again do not really align with Christian or Catholic philosophy.

  7. Question. I actually have two lamps in my room. One on my nightstand (which I don’t really use – only decoration) and one as a plug in. The plug in is only used as a nightlight and nothing else. Is that okay??

    1. Hi Laura, I know these lamps have turned into everyday objects, but some of them are sold in new age stores or witchcraft stores where people perform spells on them and call them “protection” spells. Nowadays, you just never know what it is that you are getting. They are also believed to carry spirits associated with them. It is your call! It’s just like I wouldn’t recommend for someone to have a shaman’s mask on their wall, I don’t recommend having the salt lamp at home. Hope that helps!

  8. I, like you, would prefer to have a clean home. I looked this up after watching a video about Crystals. The bible tells us that Satan is the master deceiver. So we must do our best to not be deceived. We have to keep in mind that spells are cast on many items we have, and if it is not essential, it’s best to be proactive in the Spirit.

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