This is a renunciation of the occult checklist that I was given when I came back to the Catholic Church. I was told to circle or highlight the activities I was involved in, we then had a repentance/deliverance session with a prayer team and finally I had to confess all of my occult practices to a priest.

If you are a Christian and do not adhere to any particular denomination you can still benefit from this checklist to see how much of the occult is in your daily live. You can then repent of any of these activities and resolve not to participate in them anymore.

These are activities that no Christian should ever participate in, because they are tied to demonic principalities. Playing with the spiritual realm is no joke at all and it will tie you to demons. Moreover, whenever we involve ourselves in these activities, the protection of the Holy Ghost is no longer with us, because we have crossed over to the dark side of the spiritual realm.

This means that we have given the legal right for demons to dwell in our lives, homes and surroundings the moment we partook in the occult. Had we not partaken in these activities, the demons would of had no legal right to us. The spiritual realm functions on legal laws, therefore once you know which activities are of the occult, you can use your wisdom to protect yourself. Furthermore, once you know you have involved yourself unknowingly in an occult activity, you can resolve to not participate in it anymore.

If you are a Catholic, go to a priest and confess the occult activities you have partaken in. The act of confession will cut the ties to the demons associated to these activities. It will free you from BOTH your SIN and the DEMON associated to that sin who will have no legal authority over you anymore. Can’t touch this! Unfortunately, non-denominational Christians cannot benefit from this Sacrament, but they can ask the Lord for forgiveness and repent of their ways. On my journey, I went back to the Catholic faith, because I discovered the power of Sacraments. I wanted to have the fulness of the faith and all of the spiritual tools that I need to fight with the enemy, so I will of course encourage you to become Catholic too! 🙂 To be Catholic is to be part of the most powerful army of Christ there is on Earth. With the Rosary and the Sacraments, no evil can stand against you. I wouldn’t be able to handle the ministry that I am in, had I not become Catholic.

Renouncing the occult

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  1. Please pray for me,my wife Edith and children from the powers of witchcraft from a former business colleague.

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